Friday, 12 December 2014

Crossed $5000 this Month in Google AdSense

Crossed $5000 this Month in Google AdSense 

To be frank, i used to be thinking this title to be “At Last I Crossed $4000 this Month in Google AdSense” however this month not solely I crossed America $4000 however conjointly America $5500 mark.

Last year, I actually have earned  quite $35000 from AdSense alone and from the last one year my monthly average earning in AdSense was $3000+.

Although my total earnings from all different sources was quite America $4000 per month however I needed to cross this figure in AdSense solely.

So I started performing on my goal and that i am very excited to inform you that, this month, I actually have created around $5644 in AdSense.


Here is that the video that may show you my AdSense financial gain for Gregorian calendar month 2014

My net profit from Blogging

If you're confused however specifically i'm creating my financial gain from AdSense once several web marketers say “AdSense is Dead” then you wish to attend for my next article.

I am attending to show you everything that I did to earn from blogging. And yes, if you're not creating even $1000 then this can be a awfully helpful post for you.

Here is my gross financial gain and expenses to calculate my internet income-
Gross financial gain

    Google AdSense: $5644 (As you have got already checked above)
    Affiliate Marketing: $450 ($300 from Clickbank & $150 from
    PTC Sites: $520 (Mostly from Clixsense, Neobux, Probux)
    SEO Training: $300

Gross Income: $6914

 workplace Rent: $250
    Salaries: $250 for two staff
    Content writing: $200
    Hosting charges: $100 (For all the hosting for all my blogs)
    AWeber Subscription: $149
    Utility Bills & Overhead: $100 (internet connections, phone bills, gasolene & different misc expenses)

Expenses: $1049
So my net profit is $6914 – $1049 = $5865 or Rs. 3,50,000 at Current rate of exchange

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